Bendigo Mountain Bike club values the importance of providing opportunities for all mountain bikers in skills development.

We believe that skills development and an understanding of the fundamentals of mountain biking helps create a sport that is more appealing and easily accessible to non-riders and new participants.

Bendigo MTB Club are passionate about ensuring our kids have opportunities to be outdoors, get active and have access to skills that encourage them to be life long riders.

The fantastic thing about mtb is that the learning never stops, there are always new skills, maneuvers and trail features that riders want to add to their skills set. Intermediate and advanced skills development encourages current riders to keep progressing and to maintain longevity in the sport.

Bendigo MTB Club are committed to supporting quality coach education. We provide annual opportunities for suitable members to gain PMBIA (Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association) accreditation. Our coaches then volunteers their time conducting coaching sessions, social rides and assist with junior development initiatives through the 2WA.

Trailhead Coaching was established in 2020 and was shaped out of a longstanding connection with the Bendigo Mountain Bike Club.

Jo has been a volunteer member on the club’s committee for 11 years where she has been involved in many varied facets of the club.

Bendigo Mountain Bike Club supported Jo to obtain her PMBIA (Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association) accreditation. The club has provided many ongoing voluntary opportunities for coaching; women’s groups, mixed groups and more recently Jo has been appointed as the head coach of the 2 Wheel Academy- the club’s junior program.

Trailhead Coaching would not be what it is today without the support, opportunities and encouragement that the Bendigo Mountain Bike Club and it’s community have provided.

Facebook: http://@TrailheadMTBCoaching

Instagram: jowall_trailheadcoaching