COVID-19 Safety Plan

The purpose of this COVID-19 Safety Plan (Plan) is to provide an overarching plan for the implementation and management of procedures by Bendigo Mountain Bike Club (BMBC) to support Bendigo Mountain Bike Club and its members and participants in the staged resumption of community sport and club activities.

The arrangements set out in this Plan are intended to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 among members, participants, coaches, officials, administrators/volunteers, visitors, families and the broader community. The Plan provides the framework to govern the general operation of BMBC, any facilities it controls, the participating/training behaviour of all members and participants and the monitoring and reporting of the health of attendees at BMBC activities.

This Plan includes, but is not limited to, the conduct of:

  1. staged training and competition activities (sport operations); and
  2. facility management and supporting operations (facility operations).

At all times the Plan is subject to all regulations, guidelines and directions of government and public health authorities, with a focus on the Clubs relevant State/Territory directives. 

MTBA have made some sport specific changes to the original COVID19 Safety Plan issued by Sport Australia to assist clubs with developing a plan specific to their club environment.